State Maintenance Services Price Agreements

The New Mexico State Purchasing Division of the General Services Department is focused on providing cost effective products and services to the State. The Division ensures compliance with the State Procurement Code for all purchases made by the executive branch agencies, as well establishing state-wide pricing agreements for use by multiple State Agencies and other Governmental New Mexico entities.

Currently, Blue Collar Construction has been awarded the following price agreements:

  • ¬†Application of Surface Treatment Aggregate (SPA 30-805-13-09453)
  • Asphalt Concrete Hot Laid in Place (SPA 10-805-00-06875)
  • Application of Gilsonite Pavement Sealer and Rejuvenator (SPA 20-805-00-08388)
  • Plant Mix Bituminous Pavement (SPA 30-805-13-09520)
  • Base Course Aggregate Type I and II (SPA 30-805-13-09408)
  • Cold Tar Sealant/Rejuvenator (SPA 40-805-13-10835)

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